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Tiny Whale!

18 Nov

Here’s a little whale amigurumi pattern I found on ravelry:

I made it for my son who was going on about whales that day (he wanted to fish for one!).  It’s very simple to do but the result is so cute!  Here is the link to the original pattern.


Crochet Headband Pattern

16 Nov


Here’s a lovely crocheted headband I made my daughter over the past few days.  I’d bought her a new coat and decided that now the winter months were here she needed something equally as stylish to keep her ears warm!

Here’s the pattern:

Using 3.00 hook Ch11, turn, alternate single crochet lines with treble crochet until band will stretch around head with some tension, ending on a SC line.  Join together with sl st.

For Flower:

You can find many great flower tutorials on youtube but I used this pattern.

Chain 6, join with sl st to for a ring.

Chain 1, [1 sc in ring, ch5] x5, join with slst to first sc.  You should now have 5 petal spaces (ch-sp)

*slst in next ch-sp, ch4, 10 tr, ch4, slst in same ch-sp.  Repeat from * x 4, join with slst to jointing slst.  You should now have 5 petals.

*slst in next 4 ch-sp along side of petal, ch3, 1dc in next 10 tr, ch 3, slst in next 4 ch-ap down side of petal.  Repeat from * x4, join with slst to first slst.

Fasten off.