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Storage Bag Tutorial

15 May

I recently made a bag to store my material scraps in.  I loved it so much I’m planning to make more, as it has so many potential uses.  The bag can be made in under an hour and in this case is made from an old curtain that I found in a charity shop for 50p!!

Here’s how I did it:

Cut out two rectangles of the required size from the material you are using.  In this case I was using squared material which made the whole process much easier!  If you are using a curtains as I was, remove the hams beforehand.  (the side ham can be used to make the hanging loop later on.)

Cut out

Place the rectangles together with the best sides facing and pin.  Using your sawing machine on straight stitch, sew around three sides approximately 1-2 cm in and leaving one of the shorter sides open.  Try to do a better job than I did!


Turn the edge of the open edge approximately 3 cm and pin.  Using zig zag stitch, sew over the edge of the fabric to fasten and prevent fraying.  This will form a tube through which the elastic will be threaded.


Turn the fabric inside out so that the best side of the bag is outside.  On the inside of the bag cut a slit in the tube where the elastic is to be threaded at one of the seams.  Attach the end of the elastic to a safety pin and using the push and grab technique, work the safety pin through the tube and out of the other side.


One the elastic is threaded through, attach the safety pin and elastic to the material and pull the feeding end of the elastic until the opening is ruffled.


Detach the safety pin and tie a firm knot in the elastic to secure (make sure the elastic pulls open wide enough to be able to put what you want into the bag!).  Snip the ends of the elastic and tuck into the bag.


If your bag is for hanging you can take the hem from the curtain (or some other material, hemmed to prevent fraying), cut to the required length and sew it in a loop where the elastic tube opening is.  Here is the finished article:


The next bag will be for storing my kiddies shoes!

If you make a bag using this tutorial, send us a photo and a short description of what it is used for to kucachoo [at] hotmail and we’ll post an article to show off the creations!