How to Zentangle

5 Dec

I have been zentangling for over 10 years and never realised it until I jumped back on swapbot!  Not sure what a zentangle is?  Look at the website for some information and inspiration.  If you want to get started zentangling here’s my pork as it progresses.  This zentangle was for a snowflake inspired zentangle and it is silver gel pen on a black background.  More commonly zentangles are made using black pen on a white background.

Decide on the basic pattern you want your zentangle to follow.  Seeing as this is a snowflake inspired one, I’m going symmetrical starting from a central point.

Next, fill in some extra lines, be intuitive at this point.  Anything goes with a zentangle.  For the next section you will be filling in the spaces with patterns.  You may wish at this point to look up some zentangle patterns on the internet.  You are likely to get into a medative state at this point which is why I completely forgot to take another photo until I’d finished.

Be very careful what pens you use though.  Anything other than permanent markers may smudge so you’ll have to be very careful and do it in stages allowing it to dry in between.  See below for an example of what happens when you rest your hand on a bit with a lot of filling in:

Here are some Zentangle links to get the creative juices flowing:

Zentangles on Flickr

A great list of zentangle patterns

A how to zentangle video

Happy Tangles!


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