Crochet Headband Pattern

16 Nov


Here’s a lovely crocheted headband I made my daughter over the past few days.  I’d bought her a new coat and decided that now the winter months were here she needed something equally as stylish to keep her ears warm!

Here’s the pattern:

Using 3.00 hook Ch11, turn, alternate single crochet lines with treble crochet until band will stretch around head with some tension, ending on a SC line.  Join together with sl st.

For Flower:

You can find many great flower tutorials on youtube but I used this pattern.

Chain 6, join with sl st to for a ring.

Chain 1, [1 sc in ring, ch5] x5, join with slst to first sc.  You should now have 5 petal spaces (ch-sp)

*slst in next ch-sp, ch4, 10 tr, ch4, slst in same ch-sp.  Repeat from * x 4, join with slst to jointing slst.  You should now have 5 petals.

*slst in next 4 ch-sp along side of petal, ch3, 1dc in next 10 tr, ch 3, slst in next 4 ch-ap down side of petal.  Repeat from * x4, join with slst to first slst.

Fasten off.


One Response to “Crochet Headband Pattern”

  1. mrscummingsrx November 16, 2010 at 8:50 pm #

    adorable 🙂 the flower is gorgeous!

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