ATC Background Techniques – part 3

4 Jun

This time we’re looking at bubble wrap printing.

Thank you Rachel (aka tiaragoth) for bringing this one to my attention!

 You will need:


  • Paint (I used tempera but I’m sure any will do)
  • A paintbrush
  • Bubble wrap
  • Ordinary printer paper

Mess: Not too much but applying paint to bubble wrap can cause splatter so be sure to protect clothes and surrounding area.

Difficulty: Low, good for kids.


Brush your chosen colour of paint onto the bubble side of the bubble wrap.  Make sure the paint isn’t too watery as the water can soak into the popped bubbles causing a mess when printing.

Painted wrap

Carefully trun over the bubble wrap and align the edge with the edge of the paper.  Lay the bubble wrap on the paper bubble side down.  Lightly lay your hands all over the back of the bubble wrap to assist the print.  Do not rub as this will smudge your print.

Carefully remove your bubble wrap and the print is left behind. 


Allow to dry and your background is ready to go!

You can experiment with different colours or even print one colour then another over the top.

Here are some finished ATC’s using this background technique:

Bubble wrap ATC's


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