ATC Background Techniques – Part 4

4 Jun

This is a round up, of sorts, of all the other techniques that don’t take too much time to achieve.

Coffee Fun!

Ok so we know that dyeing paper in a bath of strong coffee gives an aged look but if you soak a sheet of paper with water, sprinkle coffee granules onto the paper and place folded paper towels around the edge to draw up the excess water like so:

 Coffee process

Then this is the fun effect that is achieved:


Bright and Cheerful Food Colouring Dyeing:

This fab effect is achieved by soaking a sheet of paper with water, placing it on top of a few sheets of kitchen roll (paper towel) and dropping food colouring onto the paper using either an eye dropper or a straw.

The dye soaks through the paper and travels along the paper towel leaving a mark wherever it touches.


Paper Towel Printing:

Choose your colours well and you can end up with a worn look using this technique.


Take a sheep of kitchen roll (paper towel), brush on paint (slow drying, I used kids waterbased), turn over onto paper and press down firmly.

I hope to add to this ATC background techniques series again soon.  I’m also hoping to start a ‘Fun with ATC’s’ Series too so keep an eye out!


One Response to “ATC Background Techniques – Part 4”

  1. Danielle June 9, 2007 at 6:52 am #

    I tried the food coloring method this afternoon & had so much fun. I’ve already completed 2 ATC’s from the paper. Thanks for the tutorial!!!

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