ATC Background Techniques – Part 2

1 Jun

This time up it’s Bubble Prints.

You will need:


  • A small bowl
  • A straw
  • Some washing up liquid
  • Some food colouring (I’ve heard tempera paint works too)
  •  Ordinary printer paper

Mess: Moderate, protect clothes

Difficulty: Can be difficult to gauge ratios but great for kids!


Place a small amount of water in the bowl and mix in a small amount of washing up liquid.  Using the straw, gauge the consistency by blowing bubbles into the solution.  You are looking to be able to blow bubbles that protrude above the rim of the bowl. 

First bubbles 

When this is achieved add a few drops of food colouring.  You may need to experiment with the correct amount for the effect you require.

Making sure your clothes and the surrounding areas are protected, blow enough bubbles to protrude over the rim of the bowl.

Coloured bubbles

Remove the straw, take a sheet of paper and touch it on top of the bubbles.  The bubbles will pop, leaving the dye on the paper in lovely bubble prints.

Red bubbles!

Dry the paper and if it wrinkles, press under a heavy book.

You can mix food colourings to get different colours.  Also you can experiment with two different colours over the top of each other to achieve a different effect.

Other bubbles

Stay tuned for more techniques!


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